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Help! My Dog Has Noise Fears (TWIN CD PACK)

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Twin pack of audio CDs. More than 120 minutes of advice. RECORDED LIVE! (Includes membership for 1 month valued at $22.)

Extra Information

Help! My Dog Has Noise Fears

 Includes membership for 1 month valued at $22


Why Should You Purchase This CD Pack?

Help! My dog has Noise FearsThis twin CD pack deals with the treatment of noise fears in dogs. You should purchasethis pack  if you have a dog that is showing noise fears at present or want to know how to prevent your dog from developing noise fears.

These audio CDs will be particularly important for you if your dog is panicking when scared by noises or if it is injuring itself and/or your property as a consequence of its reaction to noises.

Note: This pack does NOT include sound effects. These can be purchased via the Frightful Noises Audio CD or the Frightful Noises Brain-E-Book.

What is the Purpose of This CD Pack?

This twin CD pack will give you easy-to-implement but practical solutions to this important behaviour but in a downloadable format so you can get to work on your solutions immediately.

Dr Cam will tell you why your dog has developed its fears and will give you practical, easy-to-implement advice on solving those fears. The information is the same Dr Cam shares in his face-to-face consultations which means you will get the benefit of a personal consultation but at a fraction of the cost.

Being an audio CD format, it allows you to absorb the detailed information at your own pace.

Listen to the CDs in your audio CD Player or your computer but many pet owners find the best time to listen to them is when they are driving in their car! Turn a traffic jam into a learning experience!

Once you have gone through the shopping cart, we will post the CD pack to you promptly to ensure you get your delivery in a few days.

The information is science-based and sensible.

Expected Outcomes

Once you have listened to these CDs, you will have a full understanding of  why your dog has developed noise fears and how to solve the problem.

You will be given a Seven Point Plan you can use to implement the ‘best fit’ solutions and to establish how successful those solutions are as you work forwards to solve the problem.

You will discover why not all noises are the same and why, for instance, thunder fear is different from the fear shown to fireworks and why that fear is different to nailing guns or other explosive noises.

Escaping behaviour is so common with noise fears. You will find out why, and you will be shown what you can do to stop the escaping by solving the underlying problem.

You will learn about techniques such as the Denning Principle  and why that is an integral part of the solution and how pheromones and medications can be a part of the cure.

Have you heard that sound effects  can be of benefit for noise-fearful dogs? You will find out how to use them effectively and also why there is a limit to their use as well.

Another important matter you will discover is how to handle your dog when it is panicking.

If you have not already activated a membership with, one month's access will be provided as part of your fee ($22 additional value) so that all the noise fear information on will be freely available to you. For the duration of your membership you also receive discounts in fees, services and products with Cam Day Consulting

If you are an existing member, login before you purchase to get these files with a 10% discount.


  • Assessing your dog’s noise fears and the risk involved
  • Techniques to reduce the risk
  • Medical issues that could complicate your dog's noise fears
  • Teaching your dog not to be fearful of noises using calming strategies and reward-based cognitive techniques
  • How to use sound effects effectively
  • Managing your dog’s fears
  • The use of medications or pheromones to reduce your dog’s noise fears

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